After Pay Available


Questions you may have.

Are these hand painted or pre-made?
All sets are hand painted by Jay herself and will be shipped directly from Jaydidnails Studio in Porirua.

What do I get with the set ?  
Each set includes:    
x1 1ml Nail Glue. 
24 nail tabs. 
x1 file/buffer   
x1 Alcohol Wipe   
x1 application and Removal booklet  

What if I don’t fit the nails?  
Under each nail description will include nail shape, length and nail width the set is available in. Using a soft measuring tape you can measure your own nail width for size reference. Unfortunately there are no returns for hygiene reasons so please choose carefully. 

How do I order a customised set?
Custom pressons can be purchased , please contact Jay thru email for an accurate quote before placing an order. 

How long do they last ? 
I have tested these on myself and got two weeks out of 2 sets before changing them. You will experience a few pop offs but that’s the nature of press Ons. Simply apply more glue and stick that baby back on. 

What if I just want to wear them for the night ? 
In your kit you will receive a 1ml glue and a 24pack of adhesive tabs. 
Glue is for a longer secure wear and the adhesive tabs are for a more temporary wear. 

Can I reuse them?    
Yes, that’s my intention. Making reuse-able Press On nails worth your money. But this goes with saying if you don’t look after them and remove them as directed you run the risk of damaging the press on nails and/or your natural nails. 

How do I remove them ?  
In your kit you will receive a Application and Removal Booklet. This will give you tips on how to apply and Remove the press Ons without damaging your natural nails or the press Ons.